Shock Value: Timba vs. Storch


Call it the battle of the super-producers. Beat-whiz Timbaland (most recently of Justin Timberlake fame) has dissed Scott Storch (whose name is whispered enticingly at the start of one of those Paris Hilton songs). The New York Post reports that Timbaland was partying at New York club Marquee when the bad business went down. Apparently, Timba announced to the crowd, “Scott Storch is a bitch!” He’s more eloquent on his song “Give It to Me,” which has lyrics that go a little something like: "I get a half a mil for my beats/You get a couple grand. Never gonna see the day that I ain’t got the upper hand." But does he? Or is that sort of smack-talk the pre-emptive strike of an insecure Timbaland?

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Photos: Timbaland

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