Courtney Love’s Face Works Overtime


Courtney_nosegifsmallKeeping up with Courtney Love’s nose jobs is work in itself. The plasticized rocker recently posted on her site that in order to make her nose less "nose jobby," she recently (get this!) had another nose job. "I just didn’t like that old nose job. I went too far and I fixed it and made it natural again."

Check the moving image on the left for a comparison of the change. Can you even tell them apart? Also, there’s no word on Courtney’s apparent lip job, eye lift and possible cheek reduction. Take ‘em off, put ‘em on. Go, go gadget Courtney.

Some shots of Courtney love’s facial changes through the years are after the jump. Click only if you have a strong constitution and an empty stomach. []

[Image sources: Getty/]

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  1. CJ says:

    she looked best in 1994. i didnt even like her face redid in 1997. i think it was the surgery in 1997 that opened the door of no return of her natural looks. now she looks distorted. like you can tell she has had worked done. but i think she looks better with the work had in the last year.