Idol: Gina’s Gone



As stupid (and sexist) as Simon’s, "You’ve got nice legs" comment to Haley Scarnato was, it probably saved her from elimination last night. Because, let’s face, Haley (who shared the bottom three with Gina Glocksen and Phil Stacey) does have nice legs, and while Gina may have nicer vocal cords, one of the most important lessons we’ve learned on this season of American Idol is that people aren’t moving on in this competition according to singing talent. So it was Gina’s time to go.

Did you catch the Ford music commercial video last night? If you got up to get a soda or if you were looking away from your TV and only heard the song, you may have mistaken it for one of those Club Med-type of commercials. You know, the ones where they take completely overplayed songs and then somehow make them more banal with a totally cheesy arrangement. (Sandals has even had a commercial spot like that using Kelly Clarkson’s winning Idol single "A Moment Like This.") Anyway, last night the top nine sung Bob Marley’s "One Love," and for a moment you swore someone was going to say, "Come to Jamaica."

There is always something totally weird about these spots. This week, the kids were working at a car wash (which is more of a glimpse of reality than a reality show like this really needs), cleaning Ford Hybrids. At the end of the spot, we get a guest appearance from Kermit the Frog, who is sitting in the car. It’s because he’s green, and "being green" means that you support the environment, like if you were to say, buy a Ford Hybrid. But couldn’t they get a better, more awesome green cameo? Like the Hulk, for example. he’s green, he kicks ass, and he benefits from science. Casting was way off on that one.

But back to the Idol stage. Tony Bennett didn’t show up for his live performance. He had the flu, which is celebrity speak for, "I don’t feel like it." It’s surprising that he didn’t check into the hospital for "exhaustion." How many people just knew that his replacement would be Starbucks shiller Michael BublĂ©? He must be on Bennett’s speed dial listed as "Wannabe." The thing was, BublĂ© gave one of the best celeb performances this season so far. He can actually sing live. And it was fairly amusing when he tried to engage a befuddled Ryan Seacrest in dude talk when he mentioned Antonella Barba.

Anyway, Gina bawled when she realized that she was going home, and continued to cry during her farewell song, which turned out to be completely ironic, seeing as how it was called "Smile." During her final performance, the camera zoomed in on Sanjaya, perhaps to see if his face showed any signs of feeling guilty for being so talentless and successful. But all we could really see was that he got a haircut.

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