Whitney’s Sunshine After the Rain



Don’t cry for Whitney Houston. Though she spent a tear-filled day in court Wednesday, her spirits were later lifted by one of life’s simple pleasures: the hilarity that comes from watching someone wipe out. One of the members of the paparazzi that swarmed her as she left the court took a stumble, prompting a wild, phlegm-filled laughing fit from the notoriously media-cranky Whit. Watch the amazing footage here. For the first time in maybe decade, you have the opportunity to laugh not at Whitney, but with her! Don’t miss out!

Whitney may hate the camera, but it absolutely loves her, if TMZ’s recent footage of her is an indication (more examples here and here). Someone please get this woman her own reality show, now. A Flavor of Love-style televised search for love would be ideal for the newly single diva. Although the flavor of Whitney is probably something like a mixture of battery acid and Newports, so never mind. [TMZ.com]

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