Snoop vs Imus: Men vs Women?



News Update: MSNBC fires Imus Comment Now

Is there any difference between an aggressive hip-hop MC and a blabbermouth radio host dissing women in public? Is race at the center of that difference? Don Imus’s foul slur against the athletes of the Rutgers hoop squad shouldn’t be compared to the rather common usage of the terms “bitches” and “ho’s” in modern hip-hop says Snoop Dogg. The MC fired off a couple rounds at the shock jock while chatting with MTV news.

“[Rappers] are not talking about no collegiate basketball girls who have made it to the next level in education and sports. We’re talking about ho’s that’s in the ‘hood that ain’t doing sh–, that’s trying to get a n—a for his money. These are two separate things. First of all, we ain’t no old-ass white men that sit up on MSNBC [the cable network home to Imus] going hard on black girls. We are rappers that have these songs coming from our minds and our souls that are relevant to what we feel. I will not let them mutha—–as say we in the same league as him.”

The viciousness is out there. And pundits have started to voice their opinions. It’s time for you to weigh in. Is Snoop making sense? Does one side have a right to barrage black women with such names in the name of art?

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