The Celebreality Interview – 12 Pack: The Lost Interview



As excitement for the I Love New York reunion mounts, we’re going back and dusting off a never-before-published interview with 12 Pack. After the jump, the buff bachelor talks about his future in TV, whether he really had love for New York and…oh yeah, all that gay stuff.

On I Love New York, you made it clear that the purpose of your doing the show was to further your career.

Well, yeah to further my acting career, as far as getting a real job there’s no possibility of that now.

So does that mean that you didn’t have love for New York at all?

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at first. You know but she’s a cool girl or whatever. She’s not exactly my type. If she was my type look-wise, she’s got the attitude you know.

What is your type, then?

Just like my ex when she walked through the door, blonde hair, blue eyes.

What do you think about the way you were portrayed on the show?

You know I think it was completely over-the-top the way they tried to push all that gay crap, personally, Every little inch or anything they could have done to make me look a little bit gayer, they tried to do, which is a little ridiculous, if you ever hung out with me the last thing you’d ever think is that I was. You see on Episode 1 Sister Patterson firing the gay questions at me. You see in episode I don’t know five or six. You see me with the little mirror looking at myself, touching myself up. You know we’re on camera 24/7, you wanna look good here. You see the Brokeback Mountain thing with Heat.

Throughout the show you seem to have a decent sense of humor about the gay stuff.

Well that’s what killed me, that’s what really got me. In the end, you know, I don’t really give a crap, when it comes to gay stuff. I just laugh it off you know, that’s when I was like, "I could have sex with Chamo if I really wanted to." I don’t really give a crap, I’m one of those guys who’ll tuck my d*** in between my legs and run around and think it’s funny.

Was the issue regarding you dancing at the New Jersey gay club Feathers blown out of proportion?

It was a one-time deal. I worked with a promotion company, Select Promotions, and they do promotions throughout the New Jersey/New York area. What we do is we go to clubs with like liquor t-shirts, and we pass out t-shirts or beads. I was there for about an hour and a half, and I got out of there so all of a sudden I’m an international gay stripper.

When you were leaving the show, you said you were going to go "bang the s*** out of" your ex. Did you?

Realistically, that’s what we do every day of the week, you know what I’m saying? Nothing has changed.

What would have happened if you’d won? If you weren’t that into New York, how much could you have continued the charade of being into her?

I definitely could have done it. Believe me, if she was a girl I thought was even remotely attractive, I would have won the show in a heartbeat, ’cause as much as I tried to play it, it wasn’t there. You can tell when you saw like a Tango or even Chance that were into her. Some of the guys were definitely into her a little bit. The longer you sit in the house, the more you believe, the more you’re putting on an act, the more you actually start to believe that this is who you are, you know? I mean I was actually convincing myself I liked this girl for a little while, and then I left and I was like, "What the hell? That was freakin’ crazy."

Was filming the show disorienting, then? Is reality TV that you would do again?

I plan on making a living in reality TV. If I don’t have my own show myself you know I’ll certainly be behind the camera either writing, either writing or producing. I was a film major is school. Well, actually, it was English but it was more of an English/Film concentration. I’ve been writing screenplays and films and short films and actually TV shows for the past four or five years and now that I have a name for myself, I’m gonna put these things to use. Hopefully with my name I can get something.

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