Friday: Imus Fans ‘Hate’ Rutgers; Lindsay & K-Fed Have Revenge Sex?


Lindsay & K-Fed Have Revenge Sex?
New reports say Federline spent the night with Lohan at a Beverly Hills hotel last week. Supposedly the  actress/lush "made the first move," but we wonder if K-Fed isn’t just getting revenge on Brit. [National Ledger]

LohankfedRutgers Accepts Don Imus Apology
"We are in the process of forgiving," says the team. But are Imus’ fans in the process of "forgiving" them? WTF! []

Girls Gone Wild Boss: Bribes Guard, Hides Pills
The multi-millionaire has been slapped with new charges for committing felonies in jail. How did someone so stupid make so much money? [Yahoo!]

Courtney Love: I Dropped Pounds for Oprah
Denying that she had gastric-band surgery, the rocker says she lost weight for the "Big O." Maybe America Ferrera should watch Oprah. (Actually, she’s perfect as is.) [Us Magazine]

Locklear Divorces Bon Jovi Guitarist
It’s official: The pair split after 11 years of marriage. The pair had irreconcilable music taste. [Yahoo!]

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