I Love New York Reunion: Your Reactions



Here’s your chance to weigh in on what went down during the I Love New York reunion. Were you as shocked as New York when Tango called off the engagement? What did you think of his reason? Does this prove that New York should have chosen Chance? Will New York ever find love?

And, maybe most importantly, what did you think of Sister Patterson’s new hairdo?

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  1. chance says:

    New York you should have choosen me because I was there for you all them hating punk ($!+^ s wasn’t there for you New York and I’m telling you now. For real and Tango wasn’t really there for you either because the only reason why he was there is because he wanted the money and to be famous on your show.

    But I still have feelings for you New York you are my baby no matter what and I still love you!!


  2. randon gurl says:

    bull *%*@ chance

  3. Romell Brown says:

    I think that New York should find love and I feel that she should go for a Season 3 of I Love New York (UPGRADED Edition)and to the Producers of I Love New York can you all please give New York a chance to find love for the 3rd Time? Please? I will offer everything that I got to get this show ongoing. And Chance really feels you and I think that you should at least go find him and explain that Bull@#%8

  4. M Brown says:

    Tiffany is a joke…and playing all you guys to make her own self rich…dont be a fool..the woman like women’s not men…she need to go sit down somewhere…and stop making a fool out of herself…this is not a duplicate it didnt go through the first time