Sanjaya’s Sadness, Schedule and Sister


Cute and whimsical or irritating and feeble? Where do you stand on Sanjaya? The most visible American Idol contestant is earning himself a bit of a backlash these days. On the night before he croons some twang-tinged thingee under the tutelege of Martina McBride, Mr. Malakar finds himself being deemed Maxim’s "Girl of the Day." (The mag refers to him as "Sanjina" — ouch). And evidently a stadium full of Dodgers fans opened up a giant can whup-ass on him when his puss recently appeared on the Jumbo-tron; getting booed never feels nice. Can’t see why they’re down on him — dude works his butt off. TMZ recently posted the schedule for the show’s wanna-bes; with all that planning and rehearsal I wonder why he doesn’t sound better?

Oh well, America can always oogle his sister. Her shapely figure has been getting some play of late. Wonder if the show would ever consider a duet?

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