What You Didn’t See on the I Love New York Reunion



Below are two VSPOT extras chock full of stuff that didn’t make the cut of the I Love New York reunion. The first is a highlights reel of New York delivering the smackdown to virtually everyone who crosses her path. Most notable is the previously unseen footage of her onstage rumble with Romance. Giving him her patented derriere salute, she tells him, "Talk to the ass, bitch." It’s a shame this didn’t make it to air, for it signifies a progression in her ass gesturing. This time it’s verbal!

The second clip features alternate footage of Tango’s cancellation of his proposal with New York. Watch as New York’s breakdown hits a fever pitch. Listen as her voice hits pitches it never has before. Gasp at her attempt to get her hands on Tango to rough him up. Snicker as T-Bone steals some camera time with his unsolicited on-stage consolation of New York.

Since we were on set of the reunion, we can fill you in on something extra that went down that didn’t even make it to the VSPOT footage: when New York cried repeatedly that she should have picked Chance, she made frequent references to his manhood. Seems Chance is packing what New York describes as "a python," as opposed to Tango’s "two-inch d***." Compare and contrast: it’s the New York way.

For even more unaired footage, hit VSPOT. And for a few extra tidbits of footage you can’t see anywhere along with the answers to last week’s quote quiz, follow the jump… 

1. "My credit is so good that I have my own Visa card."

Answer: T-Weed

T-Weed had some stage time with New York, in which he had the chance to confront those libelous claims that he is not worth $100 million. He brought articles of incorporation and everything, but here’s a shocker: paperwork makes for boring television. His segment was axed entirely, which means his extended plugging of his clothing line never made it to an audience beyond the attendees of the reunion. Poor guy. But you know, as he bragged to the crowd, he has his own Visa card, so you can’t feel too bad for him. T-Weed, apparently, is everywhere you want to be.

2. "She rode out on shell-back, I rode out on horseback."

Answer: Chance

More Tango/Ninja Turtle hate. You know how it goes.

3. "Like you, I am a man of Christ."

Answer: Bonez

During Onix’s throwdown with Sister Patterson, Bonez piped up about his own religious leanings. The best thing about this quote is that it was addressed to Sister Patterson. And what a man of Christ she is!

4. "Everywhere I go, I get free shots, free drinks, free one-night stands."

Answer: Mr. Boston

Boston proves he’s balling and living the high life once again. He said he was a stud, and he meant it.

5. "Women don’t put perfume on their lips!"

Answer: Sister Patterson

Sister Patterson finally got to call out Chance on his criticism of their shared kiss. You know she’s been waiting to do so for months.

6. "I did what I had to do to X him out, and obviously, I got X’ed out."

Answer: Real

This one actually made it to air. Just Real being…real.

7. "I don’t believe in MySpace gangstas. I don’t believe in Internet thugs."

Answer: Tango

Tango said this during his extended confrontation with all the guys. Apparently, Internet thugs don’t hold a candle to his reality TV thuggery.

8. "Talk to the ass, bitch."

Answer: New York

As discussed above, New York made this proclamation, further cementing her status as reality TV’s foremost innovator in the realm of the English language. Seriously, one of the most regrettable things about I Love New York coming to a close is that it effectively halts New York’s endeavor in the field of ass communication. Imagine where else she could have taken it!

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