Country Idols: Phil Flies, Sanj Sucks



Last night’s theme was country music, with Martina McBride mentoring the silly seven. Hard to say who’s getting heaved this evening. Phil Stacey has been hovering around the bottom for the past three weeks, so I thought he’d get the boot, but the dude really nailed his Keith Urban cover. Of course, Americans were raised to distrust Lex Luther. And many of us are probably offended by walking penises. Phil looks like both, and that might be hurting his chances for remaining another week. Hasn’t he learned anything from Sanjaya? Hair is important!

And then there’s Sanj himself. You’ve got to hand it to him for being self-aware with his song choice, Bonnie Raitt’s "Something to Talk About." But you also have to hand it to Simon for calling him out on not having any talent, rather than just politely smiling and saying stuff like, "You do you, dawg."

The situation actually got a little heated as Simon was verbally bitch-slapping Sanjaya, and Seacrest, ever the chivalrous one, stepped in to defend the honor of his lady, er, singing competition contestant. Simon’s response was to wave Seacrest aside with a mini hand motion, which sort of enraged Seacrest. The whole time that this was happening, Paula was trying to nervously laugh off the whole thing, like a peace-keeping aunt at an extremely tense family dinner. And Sanj hung tough: his barndance bandana didn’t fall off at all.

Tune in tonight to see our hero’s creepy smile when Seacrest tells him he’s safe.

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