Hip-Hop: Which Words Should Go?


070418_ludacris_sharpton When Don Imus went off on Rutgers’ hoopsters, he didn’t just do himself in. He might have taken down hip-hop, too.

Ever since the shock jock’s racist remarks about the women ballers, numerous pundits have attacked rap, as they feel the music’s lingo is responsible for his choices of words. For instance, over the last few days:

- Al Sharpton declines to give an award to record exec L.A. Reid because the label supports "gutter" rap. Reid’s imprint works with Ludacris, Jay-Z and others.

- Oprah holds a Town Hall episode that’s very critical of hip-hop.

- Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are criticized for associating with the likes of Ludacris and Timbaland.

Personally, I’ve got no beef with honest examinations of rap’s place in society, but I’m tired of "concerned" parties latching on to causes just to make a name for themselves. Hot air can be just as offensive as Luda lyrics in my book.

What do you think?

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