Ro’Don: Exit of Reason



Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell‘s public feud has reignited and it feels so…desperate. Donald recently got his mitts on some provocative bondage gear Ro rocked in the 1994 S&M-comedy bomb Exit to Eden, via a fan. Don then sent said undergarment to Barbara Walters, Rosie’s boss at The View. He explained his action to the New York Post:

"I sent it to Barbara to hang in her office because I didn’t want it in mine. It was funny, except that it was really gross. It’s disgusting."

Well that explains it: countless celebs send their trash Barbara’s way. They don’t call her Packrat Walters for nothing.

But really, it
would seem that something Rosie said on a March episode of The View
is correct: Donald can’t get over her. Maybe if his reality show got
more attention, he wouldn’t feel the need to act out for attention.

It’s too bad that Rosie wasn’t correct about something else she said
on that episode: that she’d "never mention that dump truck again." On Monday’s episode, she abandoned that resolution, starting in with: "You want to hear what a
61-year-old businessman did today? He sent Barbara…" Barbara quickly
sussed Rosie out, refusing to let the story be told on air. Later,
Barbara explained, "I am supportive of my friend and colleague Rosie,
but I have no desire to continue a feud with Donald Trump." Aw, come
on, Babs. Live a little.

It’s clear at this point that Donald and Rosie are bound via the force that brought them to the public sphere in the first place: lust for attention. Their inability to keep their hooks out of each other feels like lust, period, especially now that some sexy lingerie has been thrown into the mix. The tension has risen to something that feels like a sexual level, which, for one thing, feels somewhat like a release (finally, you know?) and, for another, makes watching this thing play out between one of America’s most loved lesbians and one of the country’s most tolerated curmudgeons all the more bizarre. It’s a civilized freak show waiting to go horribly, biologically wrong.

And it just might: How long do you give it before they kiss and make up? For a charity, maybe? Say the Ro & Don Attention Outreach Endeavor? I say a year, tops. [New York Post/Image credit: Getty]

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