Tour Survival Guide: Evanescence


Photography: Amy V. Cooper/Wind Up Records

Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s lead singer Amy Lee on keeping her sanity with video games and tour hygiene.

When Bathing’s Not An Option
Makeup remover wipes and Wet Wipes in general. We’re constantly trying to refresh and get more. The tour is gross and you can only bathe half the time, and when you can’t bathe, you can always use a wet wipe. I always have to wear a lot of makeup on stage, so my face takes a beating.

Look Who’s Talking Now
Kirstie Alley came to a show recently — it was really cool. She said hi and we all took pictures. She was getting an autograph for her son. We all thought that was really, really cool.

Video Game Therapy
I either read or play stupid Japanese video games. My biggest obsession is Katamari — you have this ball and you start rolling up stuff — it sticks to you if it’s smaller than you. So you start rolling up tacks and carmels and sticks of gum. The bigger you get you start rolling up people, and they’re screaming, and cars and buildings, until you roll up the whole world. It’s fun for me, because I’m a total control freak, so it’s like I’m cleaning up. I’m making this big massive city of buildings and noise and cars [into] a clean, green pasture. It makes me feel better. It’s one of those weird OCD things.

Pitfalls of Fame
The other day I had a great show. I was so excited, I was like, "Thank you! We love you! Goodnight!" The whole show had been perfect. I had my hands up in the air . . . and as I turned to start walking . . . off the stage I was right in front of [the] monitors. I didn’t fall on my butt, but I had to catch myself with my hands on the ground. I turned around and gave the metal horns.

Tour Dates
4/19 Curitiba, BRA  Pedreira Paulo Leminski
4/21 Sao Paulo, BRA  Palmeiras Club 
4/22 Rio de Janeiro, BRA  Riocentro

(Appearing with "My Coke Festival")
4/27 Johannesburg, SAF  New Market Racecourse
5/1 Cape Town, SAF  Kenilworth Race Track

(Appearing with "Rock On The Range")
5/19 Columbus, OH  Crew Stadium

5/25 Paris, FRA  Le Zenith
5/26 Paris, FRA  Le Zenith

(Appearing with "Pinkpop Festival")
5/28 Landgraff, NET  Megaland

5/30 Limoges, FRA  Zenith
6/3 Antwerp, BEL  Lotto Arena
6/5 Nantes, FRA  Zenith
6/20 Moscow, RUS  B-1 Maximum

(Appearing with "Family Values Tour")
7/16 Saint Louis, MO  TBA

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