Fathers’ Day Comes Early for Baldwin, Spears


Alec_ireland The day’s hot new accessory is a blow-hard dad, if recent rumbling from Alec Baldwin and Britney Spears‘ father are any indication. In a leaked voice mail to his daughter, Ireland, left earlier this month, Alec rants for two minutes after his daughter failed to pick up the phone for a scheduled call. He says, among other things, that Ireland is a "rude, thoughtless little pig" (which makes him what? A boar?), that he doesn’t know her age ("I don’t give a damn that you’re 12-years-old, or 11-years-old…") and that he will "straighten [her] ass out" on a trip he sets for April 20 (today). Not likely: the leaked message so alarmed a judge that she banned contact between Alec and Ireland. Nice try, though, Al.

The grievances of Britney’s daddy Jamie were also aired in public, but this time on purpose: he went right to the New York Post
to insure Brit got the flogging that was coming to her.

In his email, he defends Britney’s former manager, Larry Rudolph, the man responsible
for sending Brit to rehab. "She was out of control. Larry was the one
chosen by the team to roll up his sleeves and deliver the message, to
help save her life," reads part of Jamie’s statement. Britney countered with a statement of her own:

"I am praying for my father. We have never had a good relationship. It’s sad that all the men that have been in my life do not know how to accept a real woman’s love. I am concentrating on my work and my life right now."

‘Atta girl, Brit. It’s finally time to start thinking about yourself after years of a selfless, superstar existence.

Though Alec never intended to have his rant be made public, and Jamie obviously did, both of these instances have the effect of a frustrated father who pulls down his child’s pants and spanks them in the middle of a crowded mall. This is corporal punishment for the Look-at-Me Age. Pull up a seat and enjoy. [Image credit: Getty]

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