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Schatar_links- About 5.1 million people tuned in for Sunday’s premiere of Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School starring Mo’Nique, making it the highest-rated debut ever for a VH1 series. Charming, indeed! [Multichannel News]

- Speaking of Charm School, Schatar and Becky recently were interviewed about their time on the show. "That they want to laugh with me or at me, as long as they’re laughing, that’s what matters," says Schatar. That’s the spirit! [metro]

- If you’re an avid fan of Charm School, check out the Boost Mobile Poll. Answer the weekly questions correctly, and you could win $5,000. That’s only 10 times less than what the Charm School winner gets!

- If you love Saaphyri (and who doesn’t?!), check out this  VSPOT extra in which she talks trash on many of her Charm School cast mates. It’s very etiquette-like.

- Don’t get it twisted: Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women‘s Da Brat is no sell-out. []

- The Springer Hustle takes you behind the scenes, but don’t forget to go in front, too: check out The Jerry Springer Show‘s official site for more outrageousness.

- Danny Bonaduce has never seemed more broken. In what amounts to a follow-up of the last season of Breaking Bonaduce, watch him plead with Gretchen not to divorce him. Raw stuff. []

- Looking for love? Why not hit up Scott Baio? Tell him that you’re so into him here.

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