Web Trawling: Rock News on Rihanna, Jason Schwartzman and Meat Loaf


- We’ve told you about this already, but Rihanna’s new video premieres tomorrow! At 10 a.m.! She’s added 14 extra syllables to the word “umbrella,” and boy, does it sound sweet-eet-eet-eet-eet-eet-eet!

- Former Phantom Planet drummer and acting whirlwind Jason Schwartzman has released a new solo record called Nighttiming. The first single, “West Coast,” is beautiful. So is the video, which stars skate legend Mark Gonzales. Only problem is that the footage wasn’t exactly Schwartzman’s to use. Ooops.

- Meat Loaf has a line out to Jesus. The ’70s rocker told VH1 Radio that he had cut his 10-minute-long single “Cry Over Me” into a digestible three minutes for an upcoming appearance on Dancing With the Stars, it was only through the help of the Lord (and Meat’s bassist) that the song turned out OK: “Yes, Jesus was in the studio that day. He performed another miracle, so God does live.”

- Even though the White Stripes’ new record has yet to be released, Billboard is reporting that Jack White is back in the studio with his other band, the Raconteurs, and they’ve already laid down 12 tracks. So rest easy: Music won’t be boring in 2007 after all.

- Marilyn Manson’s new single is up on his MySpace page. If you don’t go there and listen to it immediately, he’s going to come to your house with his girlfriend and they’re going to soul-kiss in front of you until you do. So unless you’re feeling bulimic, we’d recommend pointing your browsers here.

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