Dave Navarro Goes Gimp


Former Chili Pepper, Rock Star: Supernova star and Carmen Electra-doer Dave Navarro has announced plans to host his own weekly hour-long Internet show, which will premiere May 17. Called Spread Entertainment, Navarro described it as a “looser version of Donahue in a nightclub.” Yes, audience members will be able to ask guests questions. But guests will be chosen on the basis of their appeal, not whether or not they’re hawking a book, album or movie. “I want to use the Internet to support artists and see things that are out there that other corporate structures aren’t allowing us to see,” Navarro says. He’s not kidding. Check out his video playlist (after the jump). If you let it go awhile, you’ll get to see the ad he shot in night-vision where he’s trussed up and groaning with a ball-gag in his mouth. Just another day in the life.

SpreadEntertainmentTV (by DaveNavarro)
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