Cham’s Not Rhymin’ Dirty


070430_chamillionaire Thanks to Imus, Oprah, Al and others, hip-hop’s never been under more pressure to clean up its act. And one rapper has decided to do just that, even if his "dirty" act was pretty clean in the first place.

Chamillionaire recently told that his upcoming album Ultimate Victory won’t have any cussing on it. "On my new album I don’t say the word n***a; I don’t curse nowhere on my whole album," said the Grammy-winner, who has a Muslim father and a Christian mother.

The Houston rapper doesn’t think keeping it clean will hurt his music, however, as he didn’t rely on profanities before. "I was saying n***a, but I wasn’t saying the ‘F’ word or (the) ‘B’ word."

So do you think keeping it PG will hurt or help the Chamillionator’s flow? Listen to the appropriately titled "Not a Criminal" — the first single off the upcoming album, featuring Kelis — to decide for yourself.

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