Christians ‘Cross’ With 50 Cent


070430_50cent As if getting attacked by Cam’ron and The Game wasn’t enough, 50 Cent now has a new partner in beef: Christians.

The Resistance, a radical Christian organization that gained recognition after saying Jessica Simpson was "whoring herself out," is now attacking 50 Cent for wearing the cross as a fashion statement.

"50 Cent is no Christian, and if you listen to his lyrics it becomes clear that he is more of a Satanist than anything," said Resistance founder Mark Dice. Dice went on to say that 50 is defaming the cross by wearing it while rapping about "killing people for no reason," and said that it would be more appropriate for Curtis Jackson to wear a "large, diamond-studded platinum satanic pentagram."

What do you think: Should 50 cut the cross from his neck, or should he be allowed to wear what he wants?

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