Blog Best-Of: Britney’s Boobies


Brit_boobs_link_2Britney Spears nude photos hit the ‘Net. This time, boobs are exposed, not vagina. The image makeover continues! [Egotastic!]

- Once again, Tyra Banks claims she’s in good shape and, once again, adds a disclaimer ("If I have cellulite on my butt, so what!"). It’s like the verbal equivalent of a yo-yo diet. Come off it, already. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Ricky Martin stands crotch-to-crotch with a scantly clad woman who’s bent over in front of him. If that doesn’t do the trick what will? (Note: It’s not doing the trick.) [Dlisted]

- Lindsay Lohan still hasn’t learned that she has no business making music. Whatever: her loss, our laughter. [A Socialite’s Life]

- Carmen Electra is just a simple country girl with some wheat between her lips, netting between her breasts and Photoshop between what you see and what is real. [CityRag]

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