Idols Give Bon Jovi A Good Name



The Top 6 were mentored by Bon Jovi last night. If Jordin Sparks’ mother is any indication of the band’s demographic, then parents across America were absolutely thrilled that all of the contestants sang songs from the Jersey boys’ catalog. "My mom is gonna flip out," Jordin told the rocker. He grinned. Boomer superstars will do that to fans.

The performances were all pretty good. And boomer-status aside, it was Bon Jovi’s more recent hits that were the crowd pleasers. Melinda evoked Tina Turner on "Have a Nice Day" and LaKisha worked her way back into the judges favor with "This Ain’t a Love Song." But the most noteworthy performance would have to be Blake Lewis’s "modernized" version of "You Give Love a Bad Name," on which he went beyond beatboxing, adding mouth-generated sound effects as he pretended to put a needle on a record. Maybe the dude was seeing Rahzel in his mind, but it came off more like Michael Winslow from Police Academy. Like Simon said, people will either love it or hate it. We’ll find out tonight, when two of the contestants will be sent packing. Who’s heading to the door?

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