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When we talked to Jennifer earlier this week, she seemed like a down-to-earth girl who had already put her somewhat scandalous past behind her. But that was before yesterday’s video announcement. Maybe things aren’t so simple anymore, but after going over this interview, there’s no doubt that Jennifer has plenty of drive and intelligence to achieve whatever she wants, porn tape be damned.

After the jump, Jennifer talks about the state of her relationship with her family, those crazy pets of hers and why she maybe didn’t need Charm School, after all.

It seemed like you were really upset about being eliminated.

I was more shocked than upset. I didn’t think I was going home. But I was waiting outside [for my exit interview], so it had the chance to all sink in.

Do you understand why you were sent home now?

The show it made it seem like I was being lazy and not doing anything. But I agree. I wasn’t doing much to help that dress, but I knew it was a disaster from the beginning. I think I got the raw end of the deal — I don’t think I should have gone home instead of Cristal. I could have done more, but she was in charge of everything. She turned her back and then she backstabbed friends.

How would you characterize your experience on the show?

It was fun. I really did like it. I like the girls, I like Saaphyri, she’s my friend. I like Pumkin. I had a good time, I wish I could have stayed longer, but at the same time, I think the other girls need the money more than I do.

In the first episode, you talk about how your relationship with your family suffered because of Flavor of Love. Did Charm School do anything to repair it?

Absolutely. My parents love Charm School. They wish I was on it more. I guess besides seeing me smoke, they thought I did good. I wasn’t being annoying or drunk or a bitch.

So, was it the drunk thing that caused the problems with your parents?

No, it was definitely the [nude] photos. And just the way I was portrayed.

They called you "the porn girl" at the beginning of the first episode. Was that salting a wound?

No, they brought it up real quickly. I didn’t mind. They didn’t dwell on it. I think Mo’Nique said, "I don’t have a problem with porn, but you need to get confidence." Something like that.

I know that you were disappointed about what went down on Flavor of Love – the way that Flav put your nude photo on blast and revealed it to everyone. Weren’t you worried that something like that would happen on Charm School?

I didn’t think something like that could happen again. I talked to VH1 and they knew it hurt me. Plus, there’s not anything else they could find. Everything’s out there. The way this was described, it sounded like a learning experience, and it was. It was a chance to change my reputation and that’s exactly what it did.

Beyond the damage control, do you feel like you actually learned anything from Charm School?

I learned more about the people there. I learned not to judge people too quickly, like Saaphyri. But from their lessons? No. I already knew which fork to use and I dominated the obstacle course. Maybe if I stayed longer, but I was just kind of going through the motions.

In one of the VSPOT extras, as you’re leaving, we see Mo telling you, "Go see one before you become one," in reference to your ambition to become a psychiatrist. What are your thoughts on that?

It was really rude, but I didn’t take it personally at all. It doesn’t make sense. I was glad they didn’t put that on TV. It would have been out of place for the reasons I was kicked off, for being lazy. I think it was just to hurt my feelings.

How is the doctor thing coming along?

I’m starting medical school in the fall. I’m taking my MCATs again, but I already got accepted and everything. Other than that, I’m still working for the charity RAINN. Usually, when I do autograph signings, I ask for donations. Also, I’m engaged now.

Did your fiancé know about your Flavor of Love past?

He didn’t watch the show. We met in October. He didn’t know, but he doesn’t care. As long as I didn’t kiss Flav, he’s happy.

How are your exotic pets?

I feel bad that everyone thinks that cat is crazy. He’s good. They scared him, that’s all. Because of that VSPOT extra, though, people come around here and knock on my door. My mom just tells them I’m not home and they’re like, "Well, we saw your house on VSPOT." It’s a little scary.

Any final thoughts on Charm School?

I got my other 15 minutes now, and at least this time, I know I didn’t do anything to shame my parents. I wouldn’t do anything differently. I really wouldn’t.

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