Celebrity Fit Club Extra – The Fight Rages On


Posted below is a brief (uncensored!) look into Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women. Tension is escalating to the point where this show should be renamed Celebrity Fight Club: Everyone vs. Dustin. In the clip below, you see Dustin having it out with Kimberley Locke. "This is not the first time fat girls have been angry with me," Dustin tells the camera. Wow. Every week, it gets easier and easier to choose the side that he isn’t on, just ’cause.

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  1. Nixon says:

    Honestly if Harvey needs Dustin out I’ll volunteer to go out there and jog right next to him all day and all night and taught him sayin, “you don’t finish this. give up fool.” All day… all night. Harvey just has to introduce me as a monitor help or something.

  2. nixon says:

    oops sticky keys…. I meant to say is, “You don’t want to finish this. Give up fool.” Cause honestly he’s annoying.

  3. lovebootcamp says:

    I think red team was very mean erin, erin your good person and try really hard …you were just tire when said what you said…and your team should have been more support of you…they were very mean to you,and who are they to tell you (that you do not deserve the grand surpise.)…you should have told them go hell….i didnt see the end of show yet to see who won….where does you team get off treat you that way???? really did not deserve to treat like that…they should have celebrities agaisnt non celebrities ..that would be a good show and ivite dustin back..he the biggest baby EVER..ouch my toe hurt….