Idol: Bad Night For The Boys



Last night must’ve been exciting for fans of the Young Guns films, as the two American Idol contestants sent packingPhil Stacey (the baldie) and Chris Richardson (one of the pseudo Timberlakes)—both re-sang Bon Jovi songs from the kitschy ’80s western.

We also learned that Blake Lewis (the other pseudo JT) and Chris Richardson are totally BFF and are psyched to tour together this summer. It’s too bad that Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell can’t take a cue from these dudes about male friendship, and quit gay-bashing each other. Their claws were out again last night, with Seacrest making a rather confusing insinuation that Simon’s girlfriend is his "beard" by saying she is an ugly "puppet" and that he his the puppet master. Simon got all mad, not about the implication that he has a beard, but that his beard is ugly, and was like, "If you’re going to be obnoxious, I won’t talk to you. Apologize. You’re being rude about my girlfriend." Later on in the show, Seacrest wouldn’t let the awkward exchange drop, saying, "As we’ve heard [Simon] has a girlfriend, and it is very serious. Trust me."

The show had a bit of a theme to it; let’s call it "feminine masculinity." First, we were entertained by the falsetto stylin’ of Robin Thicke, whose falsetto vocals on "Lost Without You" (and his inability to grow a full mustache) somehow only serve to make him a sexier man. Then we watched Bon Jovi, who aren’t particularly feminine, but their hair is/was/always will be.

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