Links To Reality


Larissa_links- In case you missed it, Charm School‘s Larissa had some choice words for Becky during an interview at an L.A. radio station last week. Are cat fights considered charming? []

- Mo’Nique is made to face her past in an interview that points out that she built her career by, perhaps, being less than refined. "That’s just who I am. That’s the only Mo’Nique I know how to be…" That’s the Mo’Nique we love. []

- Don’t just watch Celebrity Fit Club: live it. Get a free diet profile and sign up for a personalized fitness and nutrition plan at

- Speaking of the Fit Clubbers, Tiffany is set to release an album this year.  So that’s why she wanted to drop some pounds! []

- Does Dustin Diamond‘s behavior on Celebrity Fit Club have you dealing with displaced anger? Let it all out on the Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women message board.

- And for a different kind of sound-off, check out the Charm School Soundboard, which allows you to listen to the show’s funniest sound bites and purchase ringtones. This way, you’ll never be without Saaphyri‘s wisdom.