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It took us a while, but we finally caught up with Heather, Charm School‘s second cast-off (also known as Krazy). She’s a busy girl, stopping recently in Kentucky, Detroit and Ohio. By day, Heather has been lecturing at high schools and fielding interviews at radio stations. By night, she’s been appearing at clubs. It’s like Flashdance without the welding or gyrating.

After the jump, Heather talks about her time on Flavor of Love and Charm School, the dress-stealing incident that ended up getting her the boot and, of course, her music career. She is nothing, if not poised. For real! 

So, you’re on the road? What are you doing?

I’ve been going to high schools, doing motivational speaking during the day. In the afternoon, I do radio interviews and then in the evening, I’ve been doing clubs. I didn’t know how much I was going to enjoy speaking in front of teenagers. I just kind of took my experiences from being on the show and talk to them about it. I’m having a lot of fun. I’m able to take my experiences and have people listen to me. I actually have a voice. It’s a great experience, as opposed to shaking my ass and taking pictures. You know? I love the other girls to death but they’re all pretty much just taking off their clothes slowly but surely. And that’s a very short-lived career.

How do the kids respond to you?

It’s huge for the kids when they find out that I’m coming in. It’s unbelievable, the response I get from people because I’m so diverse. I go into predominantly black neighborhoods and everybody loves me. They come up and hug me. I go to predominantly white or Asian or whatever, and I just get so much feedback from everyone that it’s insane. When I first come in, they may have whatever feeling they want to Krazy from Flavor of Love – I like her, I don’t like her, she can sing, she can’t sing. Once I stand in front of them and I show them Heather, and I give them insight about things that are actually true, real-life experiences of who I am, I leave as Heather. They all leave loving me to death. I get pictures, I get hugs…I mean hug-hugs. It’s a good feeling. Of course, it’s not always positive feedback, but I’d say, if I go to five states, out of the five, there’s only one woman who’s obscenely rude. But you know, jealousy is a huge factor in everyday living with anybody in the public eye. But I don’t take anything personally. It’s fine if people don’t like Krazy, because I’m Heather.

Did your time on Flavor of Love and Charm School prepare you for dealing with rude people?

Well, I think it’s more like everyday life prepares you for Flavor of Love. My everyday life experiences made me strong enough to endure what I went through on the show because I was quote-unquote an outcast by the end of the show. If I weren’t a strong woman, I would not have been able to stand on the show strong like I did. And then, after the show requires a whole different kind of strength. Just watching it, I had to swallow me sitting at the piano, screeching, and then hold my head up high and walk out.

Regarding the "outcast" label, what did you think about the drama on the first episode of Charm School in which Shay and Larissa accused Brooke of writing a blog that basically said the black girls of Flavor of Love 2 were all jealous of you?

I don’t know if Brooke really wrote that. It’s hard to say. I mean, I have five MySpaces of me that aren’t really me. I can’t even take that for what it is, because when you’re in the public eye, you have no control over whatever. But as far as the drama goes, my reason for Charm School was entirely different than for going on Flavor of Love. I didn’t go on Charm School because I wanted to get more publicity; I went on Charm School because I didn’t want people to remember me as Krazy from Flavor of Love. I wanted to be able to show more of a positive personality: Heather. I didn’t go on the show to get into more fights. I learned my lesson.

So, wait, did you just admit that you went on Flavor of Love for publicity?

Well…no. I mean, I’m not going to say it wasn’t for publicity or the career, but there was more behind it. At the age of 23, you get once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I was presented this opportunity. I listened to my mom and my grandmother, who both had certain opportunities that they regretted passing up for the rest of their lives. I didn’t want to do that. If I would have watched that show and didn’t do it, I would have kicked myself in the butt.

Did you get the more positive experience out of Charm School that you were expecting?

Absolutely. Flavor of Love, I think, was the most controversial show ever put out. When you go to that show, you know what to expect. With Charm School, I didn’t really need the publicity. I got enough out of Flavor of Love. For me, it was the chance to go out on a positive note. It makes it easier for me to do something positive when I leave positive. I was on the show long enough to enjoy myself, to show that I like to have a good time.

We definitely got to see you in a different light, but do you feel like there was any self-improvement?

The things that we were doing to enlighten ourselves, I was doing to my fullest capability. But I saw as it went on, that things were going down a different path, with my dress getting stolen and Schatar winning the challenge. I didn’t see that as enlightening. Even though things were said like, "You’re always the victim," in that situation, I was, and I think I handled it like a lady. I was upset, obviously, but I didn’t jump up, I didn’t hit her, I didn’t call her a "bitch," I didn’t act out of character. I handled it like a lady. I just didn’t understand why I was kicked off the show. I thought I was acting like a lady, and being charming. I could have handled it in an entirely different way, and most of the girls would have.

What’s up with the music career?

I’m not signed. I had a couple, I guess I’ll call it, legal issues. I had other management that was doing things I didn’t agree with. I changed over my management, which is a very positive thing. One of the problems with my old management isn’t that she was a bad person, but where I’m trying to go and where she’s trying to go is completely different. I’m a very spiritual person and she is not. Now my management is spiritual, and so what we’re trying to do is positive. You know, like going to the schools. I’m not getting paid for that. I’m doing it because I want to give back. So now I’m working with some really good producers. Obviously the first song and album that I come out with have to be absolutely hot. Right now, I’m building a foundation for myself.

So, for the club tour, what’s your show like? Are there dancers? Smoke machines? Glitter?

Oh no, I’m not performing now. I go to different clubs, hosting nights, signing autographs, talking to people. It’s a good way to get myself out, for people to see me. And from there, everything comes.

Well, I wish you the best of luck, Heather. Or is it Nevaeh? Or should I call you Krazy?

Whatever. That’s what everyone asks me. Whatever they call me, I’ll answer. It doesn’t really matter.

Keep up with Heather via her (real!) MySpace. For booking, contact Willie Maull (, 619-281-2226).

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