T.I. Capped … by Water Balloon


How much would you pay to catch someone who hit you with a water balloon? If you’re a rap superstar, then it might be worth $50,000 to you.

During a recent concert at Bentley College, T.I. was hit with a water balloon (watch video above). After getting played, the Atlanta MC stops the music and lays a verbal smackdown on the crowd. Then T.I. offers 50 large to anyone willing to pull an anti-Cam’ron and snitch out the offender so the rapper can, uh, talk to him.

No word on whether the offending prankster was ever caught. So if you go to Bentley, beware; the Deadeye Dick (or Jane) might still be prankin’ it up on your premises.

In other T.I. news, another cut from his upcoming album T.I. vs. T.I.P. has leaked to the ‘net. It features Wyclef Jean. Listen here, snitches.

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