Attack of the Lohan



It’s hard to believe it, but there might be someone who’s even more fame-obsessed than Lindsay Lohan: her mother. Dina Lohan, who’s under the assumption from friends that she’s the "white Oprah," is supposedly gunning for Rosie O’Donnell‘s soon-to-be vacant spot on the daytime estrofest The View. Regardless of that happens (and it won’t, for that would be, in a word, apocalyptic), Dina has landed a bonafide gig as an Entertainment Tonight red-carpet correspondent for the premiere of Lindsay’s Georgia Rule. There’s rumbling that ET only gave Dina the gig so that the news show could get an exclusive interview with Lindsay. So Dina’s whoring her daughter for fame and/or whoring herself for her daughter’s fame. That’s a big cycle of whore right there.

In March, Dina told Harper’s Bazaar that she’s "living the American dream." Chasing fame while living off a "loved"-one’s fortune? Sadly enough, that seems dead-on. [New York Post/Image credit: Getty]

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