Finally: Chinese Democracy


Gnr0868 Looks like if Chinese Democracy won’t come to the people, then the people will come to Chinese Democracy. The long-delayed, much-anticipated, disaster-fraught Guns N’ Roses album — the subject of speculation by everyone from magazines to psychics — has leaked, at least in part. Though these tracks have been available on file-sharing sites for awhile now, they’ve never been kicking around in such clean versions. This makes us suspect that an official release is . . . maybe . . . on its way. Haters can hate as much as they want, but these songs actually sort of rock: “There Was a Time” and “The Blues” are epic dirges in the vein of “November Rain,” while “I.R.S.” and “Chinese Democracy” are harder numbers, the former more blues-y, the latter more White Zombie-y. Zombies are very much in fashion right now, so looks like Axl’s right on the money.

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  1. Ayesha says:

    Apparently the new release date is on sep 27th 08 ….I am so facking tired of waiting lol !!
    *Steve Adler* <3

  2. B.C. in the house says:

    So this album is officially banned in China eh? Axl’s ex-bandmates call him a dictator. I would be very offended if a dictator tells me about having a democracy. It’s a very reasonable ban I’d say.

    Anywaze. The Chinese rock fans who are into GnR already have the album well before it hit the Best Buy shelves; you can just buy em for a buck and a half on the streets of Xinjiekou and Liulichang, and with the original cover art too. The Chinese government “bans” are just formalities.
    BTW: The Chinese Communist Party has won, inspite of all the dirt and massive propaganda campaign thrown up against them this year; see for yourself: goto Youtube mainpage, and search the keywords chinese + democracy, and look for the the video ^)~~`*`#@~#*)$* led something to the effect of “Chinese Democracy Guns N Roses Live Version By Chinese Guys & Gals Rocking The UK & USA!”. It a popular video, and should show up right on the first page of the search.

  3. axl/dave says:

    So, yes it’s finally here. The wait was long but at the end of the day we don’t know exactly what he’s been through. At the end of the day, it’s his life and his tallent and he did give us 5 excellent albums to enjoye in the meen time. As for chineese democray after listening to it 3 times straight, i realised he set out to make the best album ever made. And do you know what? he probably has. the guitar work on it, with out doubt blows thriller and pink floyds the wall out of this world.
    Once again thanx AXL MAN and well done the band.

  4. dashman says:

    Axl is like the heavywieght champ of the world’klitscho” he comes back with a bang to stay undisputed

  5. Rico says:

    im from South Africa and i recently bought GNR Chinese Democracy.
    First of all it’s one of the best albums i’ve ever listened to.
    It has the taste of the original GNR with modern rock.
    There isn’t a song i don’t like.
    The guitar solo’s are awsome and so old school. . . and axl’s voice is as always legendary
    I will definatly prefer this album to all fans and rockers out there.

    Axl you ROCK…..

  6. CraiginMemphis says:

    after reading slash’s article in playboy, and finally getting the poop from Axl himself online forums, im convinced that the rest of the old GNR clan did desperately attempt to hold onto that original GNR fame but never quite made an album worthy of listening to in its entirety, yet Chinese Demo does just what its supposed to do: rekindle rock, rap is tired, techno has always been gay and the world has grown fuller of wussies since Axl left. im merely hoping with the release of this epic album, the world (the very least my country USA) will start kicking $^^(_`#~%)@+@@! and taking names again…
    slash’s own words, in that article, condemn him to being a low life with selfish motives from the start of his infection into GNR. so perhaps it WAS all flash and mirrors from the media and haters.
    Chinese Democracay: if ya dont own it, youre unAmerican.
    Memphis needs some GnR soon! come kick this town’s $^^(_`#~%)@+@@! dude(s)!