Eau d’Purple: Prince Smells


Prince Ever wonder what Prince smells like? Assuring that "Purple Will Reign," the digit-obsessed singer will release a new fragrance called 3121 — not coincidentally the name of his last album. The perfume, available on the auspicious July 7th, is said to be "a kaleidoscope of rich florals…Xquisite, Mysterious, Xotic."
In addition to his foray into cosmetics, Prince will also play a grueling 21-night residency in London during the month of August, laying to rest any questions as to the 49-year-old’s stamina.

Would you buy Prince’s scent?

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  1. Prince's Girl says:

    I wouldn’t know, isn’t that a colone? What does it smell like?

  2. kimberly says:

    of course i would……

  3. kimbrly says:

    just a question.there are some colone’s that are made for woman and men togeather.is this colone such a case?

  4. number one prince fan says:

    are you kidding i would love to have princes scent on my body

  5. SuperfunkycalifragiAndry says:

    I’ve bought this perfume in london.

    Incredible, but true, but this perfume really rocks!
    Even my girlfriend says it!

    It smells a bit fruity, but with a subtile pheromone … mmmm ;o)

  6. kimberly says:

    Yes i definatly will but this item…

  7. Renee says:

    I will definately buy scent!!!! I would love more Prince products to be available!!!!!

  8. LASHARN BROWN says:

    I STILL WANT TO GET THAT EAU d purple: prince smells

  9. Joycelyn Phillips says:

    Abosolutely I’m going to buy the fragrance “3121″ I completely adore Prince as an artisit and an individual. He’s an abosolute genious the way he writes, composes, sings, and plays insruments.

    I’m sure the fragrance 3121 is just as intreging and aluring as he is. What a performer he is!!!!!! I just can’t get enough of him and his music. I jumped on the “Prince bandwagon” right from the begining in 1979 with “I wanna be your lover”.

    NOTE: I can still remember the cold sholder +$“~&@_@*`_%#%^ Clark got when he made the comment that “he was surprised such talent came out of Minisota” I think +$“~&@_@*`_%#%^ Clark might still be scracthing his head……Prince is so talented he leaves most of us speachless, all we can do is listen, watch, and translate what he produces (I call it poetry in motion) into whatever works for us….

  10. Prince's Princess says:

    It’s spelled “cologne” not “colone”!

  11. suzi says:

    i would buy it!!!! prince is the best artist ever!!! he’s a genius, sex icon , and music sensation!!!!! i may be 15, but i have been a big fan since i was a kid because my parents would be playing his music all the time!!! so i am pretty much his biggest fan idont care what other )!^_*@@!#`~`~@!*) es say!!! i’m his biggest fan!!

  12. Vickie says:

    I think it realy sucks— that after all these years—I have to rummage through VH1—and then still can’t get through to a video of one of my favorite artists–PRINCE—– I was just kind of going back in time-thinking of how his songs use to make me feel— and I couldn’t even get the video to load— so I came here to complain—If anyone cares.. whatever Vh1 –you usually rock—

  13. Raynille says:

    It is all I have been wearing since the end of March, beginning of April. I am complimented everytime I wear it. I absolutely love it!

  14. missprince46 says:

    hey hi ya doing my name is delores i think your cologne and perfume smells really good iam your biggest fan and so is my sister marilynn we hope to meet you one day we love you my husband.kisses!!!!

  15. Jane Dyer says:

    I am 51 and I have been listening to Prince since 1980. He is so multi talented. Not to mention just oh so sexy too! Yes I will be at the store to buy anything with Prince’s name on the label. Baring its put out by him. His idea and his own decision. I would love to know where to but\y Prince things. I live in the small area called Missoula,Montana. Its a college town but nothing more, well the mountains and lakes! Prince as long as you are doing music of any kind I’m in it until you stop. A true Fan. Jane Dyer

  16. margaret kelleher says:

    I would love to wear a sent that prince established for women I mean look at him he looks like he smells like heaven of course I would.

  17. patricia s. roberts says:

    most definatly ! can’t wait.

  18. 1# Prince Fan EVER!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Prince is the best there is best there was and best there ever will be. He is an amazing singer and very talented person i would buy almost anything from prince cuz it’s just him. I absoulty love him and his music. Wish i could actually see him in person if i did i would freak the freak out!!!!!!!!!

  19. A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time on this. Congratulations!