Mase in Fender-Gender-Bender?


070516_mase What we do know: rappa-ternt-preacha-ternt-rappa Mase got into a car accident in Atlanta late Tuesday night. What we don’t know: If the midnight mashup was just a simple fender-bender … or a Dirty Dirty gender-bender.

According to HipHopDX, Mase might’ve found himself in the middle of some late-night, car-on-car action only after he swerved wildly in order to pick up a transvestite. The girl whose ride got smashed appeared on an Atlanta morning show and claimed that after the accident, the trannies "(ran) up to the car saying ‘Girl, are you OK? (Mase has) been circling around here, girl, like four times already tryin’ to pick one of these queens up.’"

Then she said she’d never attend a sermon at Mase’s church again.

So what do you think? Is this just 15 minutes for some "ladies" of the night? Or was Mase tryin’ to get his Eddie Murphy on?

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