Finally, Some Good News for Paris


Paris_goodnewsIn a crushing blow to all who believe in justice and light, it has been announced that Paris Hilton may end up serving just 23 days in jail — roughly half of her 45-day sentence. Nooooooo! Whyyyyy?

Well, actually, there’s a rational explanation: "Under Los Angeles county regulations she will receive good behavior credits at the start of her sentence. Provided she behaves well, she could be released after 23 days," reports a mouthpiece for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Still, I ask: Nooooooo! Whyyyyy?

While the reduced-sentence is still up in the air, what is for sure is that Paris will be kept in a "special-needs housing unit," away from the general population of the prison. And so, it turns out that Paris has every right to act entitled because, clearly, she is entitled.

All together now: Nooooooo! Whyyyyy? [AFP/Yahoo! / Image credit: Getty]

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