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While booting Courtney on Sunday’s episode of Charm School, Mo’Nique told the budding comedian, "Let the ladies who really need it, get it." Truer words have rarely been spoken on the show. Courtney is poised, witty and down-to-earth. In other words, she has charm to spare.

After the jump, Courtney talks about her elimination ("That was some bulls***!"), her upcoming time on the road with Mo’Nique and why wet panties make the world a better place.

People are really upset that you were booted this week.

I know! That was some bulls***! I was like, how in the hell have I had immunity the whole time, and now just one some random s***, I end up getting eliminated?

I didn’t really understand Mo’Nique’s final critique for you.

Right! Because it was nothing. There was no reason. That’s why I’m telling you it was bulls***. There was no reason for me to go home. Nothing.

Mo saying that you were "on the fence" didn’t really make sense.

It didn’t fly. There were plenty of times when I made decisions. I was the judge for the fashion show! I immediately knew who I was picking. When I say I don’t care about something, I’m saying that because I really don’t f***ing care. It’s not because I don’t want to make a decision. That pisses me off.

But you didn’t really seem pissed off when you were leaving. In contrast to most of the other girls, you seemed gracious, even. 

Well, I was pissed, but I was still shocked. I was just thinking, "I’m on TV, so keep your cool, Courtney, keep your cool." I wanted to say, "Now, Mo’Nique, how the f*** you gonna put me off while Hottie gets to do a whole bunch of s*** the whole time. She should leave. Or Darra. She put on that crazy-ass dress and let her whole team persuade her to do that." But I didn’t think that would change anything. I didn’t think that would get me put back up. So why make a fool of myself trying to stay on the show and still get eliminated?

But because because your reaction was so cool, maybe you really didn’t need Charm School?

Well, no. I don’t think I really needed Charm School. The things they were teaching us were real good lessons. A lot of that stuff, I didn’t know. Things about entrepreneurship and business. Some of that etiquette s***, I ain’t know! It was good. I wanted to keep learning, but just to say, do I need to feel like I need to go to Charm School, I’d say no.

Another thing about the "on-the-fence" criticism is that it seems that the alternative, to not be on the fence and to be extremely aggressive and in people’s faces, isn’t exactly charming.

They want you to jump out there and be argumentative about everything. That’s not me. I don’t like to argue. I hate that s***. And for me to step out there and be like, "Oh, I think she needs to go home because she did such and such and such," even if I stay, I have to live with those girls. I’m protecting myself. I don’t want to create animosity between me and somebody else to save myself.

You didn’t really have beef with any of the girls in the house.

No, I didn’t. It’s not that deep.

Does that mean that you liked all the girls in the house?

Yeah. I can say I liked everybody to different extents.

But Brooke is your best friend?

She’s not my best friend. I’m close to her. We’ve got history, we were both on Flavor of Love 1 and we lasted the longest besides New York and Hoopz. I have more in common with her than the rest of the girls, but she’s not my best friend. My best friend’s in North Carolina.

It’s interesting that you bring up bonding over your time on Flavor of Love 1. Did you notice a divide in the house between Season 1 and Season 2 girls?

Yeah. I think so. I was making a conscious effort to try to smooth that out. That’s why I think they said I was playing both sides of the fence. It’s like, no, I’m trying to make everybody get along because we’re all going toward the same goal. Everybody was trying to win $50,000. It wasn’t like Season 1 versus Season 2 and whoever wins is going to split the money. Eventually, you have to go against someone that was on the same season as you.

You still refer to yourself as "Goldie," and you weren’t happy about getting rid of it on the first episode of Charm School.

I still use the name. I’m a stand-up comedian. It comes into branding – I have to establish what I want people to call me.

Speaking of stand-up, what’s up with the tour that Mo’Nique invited you to be a part of as you were exiting the show?

We’re supposed to be playing Florida next month, the first week of June. But that isn’t set in stone yet.

Do you think it’s going to work out?

Yeah. I hope so.

Are you still pursuing your medical degree?

Yes and no. I’m doing this entertainment stuff. This is really consuming, so I really want to say that I gave it a lot of energy and time to make it happen. So I’m gonna do that, but I haven’t forgotten about school. If it doesn’t work out or if it’s not going the way I want it to, I’ll go back to school.

Besides the stand-up comedy and your VH1 commentating (Courtney was most recently seen on the I Love New York 2 casting special), what else do you have going on?

I do motivational-speaking to kids. High school and elementary. I absolutely love it. I just did three high schools in Chicago. It was so fun. It’s especially great when you go to schools where the kids are underprivileged and they don’t know what they’re doing and don’t have plans for their lives. That’s where it makes a difference. I don’t think it really makes that big of a difference when you’re talking to kids that have already been accepted into college and that already know what they’re gonna do. I’m also getting ready to do a movie called Sister Switch, and another movie, but I forget the name of it.

So how would you ultimately characterize your time on Charm School and Flavor of Love? It seems like it did you well.

It was a crazy time in my life. Fun. It gave me the chance to explore a different part of who I am. I’ve been doing the school thing for so long, but the whole time I was doing that in North Carolina, people always told me that I was funny and I needed to try to get into entertainment. So this is me just seeing what’s going to happen with this.

You were able to hold onto your dignity almost 100 percent of the time during both shows. What’s your secret?

I know it sounds clichéd, but really just staying positive about everything and just remembering it’s not that serious. The bulls*** that happens, it’s not that serious. It’s gonna be over, you know? I just try to stay positive, because I’ve been through a lot. My mother passed, my sister, my brother passed. I have to live for something.

Any final words?

People should laugh everyday as hard as they can. Until they pee on themselves.

As a comedian, you could probably help them along with that.

Wet panties all through the room! That’s all I want.

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