Tour Survival Guide: The Bravery



Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers on the road. Here’s The Bravery singer Sam Endicott on the power of Red Bull, Tokyo bathroom etiquette, and disappointing methods of birth control.

Semper Fi, Guys
We asked for extra-large condoms [on our tour rider]. Like the largest condoms possible. I was hoping we’d get XXL condoms or something, but I guess they don’t really make those. The biggest you can get are Trojans. They max out at Trojan Magnums. That’s as exciting as it gets.

No Caramel Macchiato For You!
I basically live off Red Bull. I wake up in the morning and drink a Red Bull. I need as much caffeine as possible, and I can’t drink coffee, because coffee is just disgusting to me. I hate the taste of it. Like whenever I walk into a Starbucks I want to vomit. So I drink Red Bull all day. We actually have a Red Bull sponsorship. We call and they’ll send cases of Red Bull anywhere we want.

Eh, Yeah, OK, It’s a Semi-Charmed Kinda Life
I love seeing the world. Being in new places. Like today I woke up in Portland. Portland’s beautiful. Sometimes we get to go to really exotic places, you know? Like we were in Dubai recently. That was pretty amazing. We’ve toured Asia. Indonesia, Singapore, all those . . . just a lot of really cool places. I love New York, though. The more I travel, the more I love New York, although Tokyo was really amazing. It’s like Blade Runner. My favorite part was the bathrooms not having paper towels – everyone just brings their own paper towels.

When It’s Time to Party We Will Always Party . . . Moderately
You can get really run down if you party too much. You can just start to feel like complete sh*t, where they have to roll you onstage. Then when you’re done you feel great because you’re amped, and then you go out and party and repeat the process. It just gets worse and worse. You’ve got to be careful not to fall into that trap.

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