Genesis: Set-List, Tour Dates, and Reissues



When our Rock Honors bash premieres on Thursday night, it will be the first time in many years that lots of Genesis fans are able to see their heroes on stage. So the quesion is, what tunes are they tackling? The mid-80s line-up of Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford have a unique rapport, and their spins through "No Son of Mine" and "Turn It On Again" should whet the appetite of anyone planning on seeing them when their world tour brings them to America in the fall. Those fans will also get a kick out of Keane‘s marvelous salute to the veterans with an update of "That’s All."

Those familiar with the superb remastering job that the Rhino label does might want to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary with the far-reaching, 12-disc Genesis collection, 1976-1982. Between a wealth of rarities and the enhanced sound, it’s hard to resist. Speaking of rarities, check VSPOT in the next couple of days to see the on-line only performance of "Los Endos."

What’s your fave Genesis tune?

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  1. keith fisher says:

    is their going tobe an 2008 tour for genesis here in the us and in florida ether miami or sunrise fl
    or will it be 2009 just asking

  2. eg_robinson says:

    What was the purpose of the reunion tour if they are going to play it safe with the setlist. The Rolling Stones during there licks tour a least pulled out some surprises. How about some songs rarely or never before performed live added to the setlist. Entangled, Mad Man Moon, Trick Of The Tail, Man Of Our Times, More Fool Me, Down And Out, Many To Many,Scenes From A Nights Dream, Snowbound,Blood On The Rooftops, Paperlate, You Might Recall, Evidence Of Autumn, Silver Rainbow, Just A Job To Do, Taking It All Too Hard, Keep It Dark, Me And Sarah Jane, Feeding The Fire; they could even attempt some Gabriel era rarities Looking For Someone, Dusk, Stagnation, Harold The Barrel, Can – Utility And The Coastliners, Get ‘Em Out By Friday, For Absent Friends, Harlequin; all of which would probably be a much appreciated addition to their setlist.
    Don’t get me wrong it’s wonderful to see them performing again but if you’re going do a reunion why not give all the fans something special in their setlist. The set list for this tour was pretty much a safe bet and thus a little disappointing.
    Hopefully there will be more with a much more varied set list.