Evanescence Singer Strikes Back


EvanescAmy Lee‘s back from her honeymoon, and she’s pissed. Writing on her band’s official message board, Evanescence‘s lead singer is finally discussing the departure of her former bandmates. After two weeks away, Lee says she returned home to find "I was unable to defend myself for a week and was taken advantage of quite a bit." Lee then shares with her fans her version of Rocky Gray and John LeCompte‘s departure, claiming they were "miserable" and planning to leave, and that she simply relieved them of their duties a little sooner than they’d anticipated. "I treated both John and Rocky with nothing but kindness and respect, and I got nothing but jealousy and resentment in return…I love this band too much to see it driven into the ground." This is not the first time the band’s had some personnel issues. In 2003 LeCompt took over after co-founder Ben Moody suddenly quit, due to a rift with Lee.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Evanescence u rock and plz fix ur problems don’t destroy such a gud band like evanescence because we lub u. Us the fans lub u so much u should come 2 rhode island some day because u have alot of fans here. we lub u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dr.love says:

    tank u

  3. brandon and logan says:

    My name is Brandon and I am 8 years old. I love your band and I am your biggest fan!

  4. stephanie says:

    Amy congrats , so glad your back . I live in Va Beach Va I was at your concert at the TED CONSTANT center on march 30 .You rock I love your new album Open Door the songs are great , I’m sure you hear that all the time. but I’m a true fan . I really hope you come back to Va Beach and rock our world. Don’t let people pull you down, you just have to keep moving forward and live your dreams the way you see them , people come and go, but your voice will and music will live on in those who truly love you. I listen to you all the time . I wish I could be a real friend to you and give you the encouragement you need every day. As for the band members you guys rock all of you keep up all the hard work. It’s all worth it to us fans, can’t wait for another album. see you soon. stephanie

  5. stephanie says:

    oh yeah LOVE YOU GUY YOU TRULY ROCK BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sara says:

    no please no i wish this wasn’t happening Amy Lee you are my idol and i want nothing more in life than to grow up and be an awesome pianist/singer just like you i am thirteen and that’s my dream i plan on sticking to it i love every member of Evanescence past and present and i’d hate to see the band go under!!! this hurts alot of people!

  7. Blackwolf says:

    I love you so much you are like my idol. All my friends think I’m crazy for listening to your music all the time. Hope you can manage to get a new CD out cause that would be awesome. Also I wish I could meet you in person.

  8. abbie says:

    i wont deny i still miss the original member but hey, whoever leaves or enters the band. as long as amy’s in it, it will still rock.

  9. Chris of Cincy says:

    terrific,not to sound harsh but anyone willing to act like that needs to be delt with.amy,babe, got nothin but heart for ya,would have done the exact same thing and acted in the same manner

  10. apsaalooke says:

    Don’t worry your better than any one out there. I look forward to your next album and come back to Billings Mt. again that concert kicked !)(+%_%%+~&%~_*

  11. Lena Shad says:

    I am from belarus. your songs are wonderful. I have been listening to Evanescence since 10 years… i love everything you do… Your voice is the beautifulest,,, sorry for my mistakes, english is not my mother tongue…

  12. alin says:

    sunteti cei mai tari. romania va iubeste. AMY I LOVE YOU!!!! adorm si ma trezesc in cantecele voastre. va iubesc si va multumesc ca existati. salutati america din partea mea!!!! pup.

  13. Billy says:

    Poor amy when i get my band going i will ask you to join

  14. Christobel says:

    Amy, no worries, you are best female vocalist currently in the world. Imo. And you’ll find you don’t need a band, solo pianist would suit you best, you can still write your be-loved songs and continue to rock our minds. So many fans who love you and your work, don’t like 3 guys mess up your fame, and our love for you.
    Continue to rock for us please, we need your lyrics of power and wisdom to help us all. Hope your marriage goes best as all.
    Love, your biggest fan.

  15. hahaha says:

    i love this band and i would never let it down good job!
    and for that issue that i heard that she was going solo, i cant accept it plz fix ur problems evanescence!

  16. sheena says:

    i looooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee you so much!!! im ur biggest fan frm the philippines!!!!!!!!!!! love u amy u really rock!!!

  17. Cheryl Daniels says:

    Amy gets married and goes on a honeymoon and returns to find her band members have quit? What??? This sounds like a pure case of jealousy and unprofessional behavior. Maybe the beautiful Ms. Lee did not realize her band members had all fallen in love with her and wanted to marry her.

  18. chris says:

    Dare I say DIVA??????????Its not me its you??? Sorry it is you. And I am a fan of yours but sometimes your attitude sucks. Does not mean it is right. Hopefully you find people more apt to do what you want and more simlar to yourself. Sometimes you have to repect your differences and make the best of it.

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