Charm School Extra Credit: Truth or Dare Edition


It’s time for your weekly dose of material guaranteed to make you say, "Damn. Why ain’t they show that on TV?" It’s actually kind of amazing that the two Charm School extras below didn’t make it to air because they’re freaking golden. In the first, the girls sit around playing a good old game of truth or dare. During the course, we find out how many times a day Becky masturbates (it’s more often than you’d think!) and we get to see Schatar do her version of a stripper dance. Alluring. The real fun happens when Darra’s dared to kiss a member of the camera crew, which sends the dudes scrambling. Watch and see if an overly eager Darra ends up getting her man. In the second clip, we see Shay freak out at Brooke and Leilene for choosing Schatar and Darra to share in the Forever 21 shopping spree, instead of Saaphyri, who could have really used the extra clothes after donating all of hers. "I’m not drama, bitch, but I will bring it if you want me to," Shay tells the camera. Maybe the massive drama was too much for this week’s tear-filled episode?

Most notable about this clip is that Larissa is there for the entire duration of Shay’s throwdown and says not a word. Larissa, capable of tact? Whoever would have thought?!

Celebrity Fit Club Bonus!

Watch uncensored highlights from this week’s episode below. Admit it: you can get enough of the swear words.

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