Idol: The Final Two’s “Great Vocal Voices”


Tuesidol_2 Considering that this season of Idol was packed with headline-making scandal and controversy (Antonella Barba’s nude pics, Sanjaya’s hairdoos, Paula’s questionable sobriety, and Melinda’s premature elimination), people were expecting a doozy of a finale. But really, the show fell short of expectations. Last night’s action didn’t have that feel of an event, as it had with previous seasons. Finalists Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks are competent performers, but they didn’t quite come across as the superstars plucked from obscurity, as the show’s premise would have us believe. And it didn’t help matters that the proposed first single of whomever wins, "This Is My Now," is utterly snoozy.

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Between her public meltdown and her supposed broken nose, everyone thought that Paula’s fragile condition would make for an especially exciting finale of American Idol. But alas, she showed up with a schnozz that appeared undamaged and in working condition, and she seemed to keep a lid on any crazy that may have been bubbling beneath the surface. (She did manage to slip in some entertaining, nonsensical comments, though, like when she told Jordin that she was in "great vocal voice tonight.")

The competition is sort of up in the air, as the public seems to equally like Jordin and Blake. Much like Paula’s behavior, the outcome of this vote is unpredictable.

–Tracie Egan

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