Wednesday: Paris Flashes Nipples and the Bible



[Image credit: The Superficial]

Pre-Jail Paris: Bible Studies?
A bra-less Hilton picked up the Holy Bible from a Hollywood book shop. What? Did the Hilton Hotels run out of their bibles? [The Superficial]

Is Jay-Z Stealing From His Waiters?
Employees at his NYC club claim the rapper is keeping a cut of their tips and refusing to pay them overtime. Is he writing The Blueprint for how to be sued? [New York Post]

TomKat May Spawn Another Kitten
Rumor has it that Katie Holmes may be getting ready to produce another baby Scientologist. [MSNBC]

Britney Trashed by Madonna’s Bro
sister would never go onstage looking like that!” So said Madonna’s
brother after seeing Spears’ hideous performance in Miami. Does anyone
care? [New York Post]

Criss Angel To Escape Times Square
The magician plans to hang in a concrete cube suspended above New York City’s busiest intersection. Prepare for a Mindfreak! [AOL]

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