Idol Finale: The Good Parts Were…



Jordin Sparks, the nicely proportioned 17-year-old who makes Ryan Seacrest look every bit as dainty as he is, was crowned the American Idol last night. Everyone seemed pretty pleased  with the results of the votes, including runner-up Blake Lewis, who seemed genuinely happy for the success of his opponent.

The two-hour finale was really entertaining, too; the show finally pulled out all the stops, Check the highlights, like Doug E. Fresh beatboxing with Blake, after the jump.

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  • iThe Golden Idol Awards This was probably the best aspect of the entire night, as we got to relive memories of the nutjobs from the audition episodes. Most exciting of all, Kenneth (the "bush baby") and Jonathan (the pear-shaped guy with a penchant for Hawaiian shirts) showed up to accept their Golden Idol for "Best Buddies." Kenneth told Seacrest about the duo’s Williamhungrian success by listing all the events and press they got to do, like the Jimmy Kimmel show, the Grammy’s red carpet, and the American Idol red carpet (the last of which happened because they were there to accept the award).
  • Sanjaya Do you think the other Idol contestants, like Phil Stacey, LaKisha Jones, and Chris Richardson were pissed that Sanjaya got a solo (accompanied by Aerosmith’s Joe Perry), when they all lasted longer than Sanj in the competition? He may be an attention-grabber, but he still is a crappy karaoke singer.
  • Blake Lewis and Doug E. Fresh Blake actually did a really awesome job beatboxing with veteran rapper Doug E. Fresh. The two went at it for an extended period of time, leaving one able only to imagine how wet with spit those mics must have been. I was a little bit afraid they might get electrocuted for a second there. Well, I was only really worried abut Doug, to be quite honest.
  • Paula Abdul Between her shiny lips, shiny eyes and extensions for days, Paula was having a blast dancing around, doing the seal clap, and getting goosed by Simon. I want what she’s on.
  • Kelly Clarkson Uh, so judging by the angst-filled song she sang last night, a single off her new album, Clive Davis may have been correct about his desire to shelve it.

–Tracie Egan

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