Big Bod Jordin Fibbed About Her Voice


It seems like everyone on American Idol (Katherine and Ruben, to name a few) has body issues, including it’s newest teen queen, Jordin Sparks. The winner recently revealed that her stint on the hit show helped her learn to love her voluptuous frame.  At 5’10” tall and wearing a size 12, she “stood out everywhere” in her pre-Idol days, and envied her tinier friends, wondering “why can’t I look like that?”

But her grandmother says that her Idol success has “really helped boost her self-esteem and made her realize she’s beautiful as she is.” Tall is beautiful!  Just ask puny runner-up Blake – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind stealing a couple of inches.

It’s a good thing that she has embraced her body, because a former vocal coach has come forward to call Jordin out on her voice.  Though she writes on the Idol website that her she’s never had formal training, Melissa Black claims otherwise. "Jordin was just 14 years old when she studied with me in 2004… We were together for nine months of intense vocal work."

Black says she was "hurt for a week" by the snub. Sounds like someone else needs to do a little work on her self-esteem. Melissa, listen to us, you’re beautiful as you are – with or without credit for Jordin’s skills!

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