Paris Packs For Prison In Tears


She won’t be locked up for five more days, but Paris has already got a cellmate.  Jail officials have chosen an inmate serving time for reckless driving to stand-in for sidekick Nicole Richie while the heiress is behind bars.  We smell a new reality show!  Welcome to The Sentenced Life.

Hilton is relishing her last few days of freedom by roaming around on
the arm of a mysterious new boy-toy, but close friends reveal that when
the cameras aren’t around, the tears start flowing. "She breaks down
crying a lot because she just can’t deal with the reality and pressure
of everything that is happening," says one pal.

Still, BFF Kim Kardashian thinks she’ll pull through, stating that her
blonde buddy "is a smart girl and will be okay. It’s all about learning
from her experiences."

Paris has already done the right thing by owning up to her mistakes.
But becoming a better person because of this whole mess?  That’s hot.

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