Pam: Mortifying Mom Of The Year


It seems like Pamela Anderson takes on more embarassing jobs the older her kids get.  From Playboy to Baywatch, she’s done just about everything to make a tween blush.  Even worse, the aging babe revealed that she recently sat her two sons down to have "the talk." 
You know, the one where your parents tell you about the sex tape they made on a yacht before you were born, that’s been seen by millions around the globe.

Now Pam is parading across a Vegas stage three times a week assisting magician Hans Klok
(it hurts to say that out loud), dressed in a bathing suit that looks
more like a sparkly piece of plastic wrap stretched to it’s breaking
point across her buxom bits and pieces.

If Brandon and Dylan (both born during the Beverly Hills 90210
years, obviously) aren’t hiding under the couch yet, they should be.
Or maybe they should try the sex swing, it’s probably a little roomier
under there.

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