Tour Survival Guide: Page McConnell



Our Tour Survival Guide checks in with rockers about life on the road. Phish’s Page McConnell is starting a solo tour to celebrate the arrival of his new CD.


One time in Atlanta we were putting together the set list, and as we were writing, it fell in the toilet. And it was a harbinger for some kind of plumbing problem that happened later. It’s a small theatre and a water line broke up near the concession area; ultimately, it came down through the seats and filled up a section near the stage. We had to cancel t he second set because of electricity dangers. As I recall, we sang some a cappella songs. The set list and the set itself were both under water.

Doing interviews on the road is interesting. They can take you anywhere. Recently I did Public Radio in the morning and a local shock jock thing in the afternoon. Before they had me on, they had to tape up the windows of the studio because they had two strippers in there playing a game. They’d take questions over the phone and for every right answer they’d disrobe to another level. It was different than earlier in the day; I’d played a couple songs on a grand piano in a nice studio, being introduced by a guy with a deep voice. It’s funny being out in the public eye again.


I really enjoy the bus. Though this one will be tighter because the band and crew will be on the same bus. It’s usually a lot of laffs, and a great way to get around. I’ve got a good connection with this new band. We’re down the middle – silly and serious. Which is the way it should be, I think. It’s kind of a rolling apartment, with 11 guys living together.


Phish had set lists, but we didn’t always embrace them. The new band will have them, too. But we’ll probably regard them with a certain sense of informality, too. People always call out Phish songs – always. I’ll listen [to their requests] but I probably won’t play them. I’m not in Phish right now. There’s lots of material they can choose from if they want to hear Phish songs.


One good part about touring is getting to sample food. I do happen to like Cheese-Steaks and we’ll be in Philly pretty soon. Hitting restaurants is fun, yeah. If there’s great sushi at a certain place and I’m near it, I’m going to get there.

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