Big Surprise: Brangelina’s Life Is Amazing


Angelina Jolie spills her guts in the newest issue of Parade Magazine, and what she reveals is great for her and totally depressing for the rest of us "normal folk."

The mother of four claims that in her twenties, her life as an actress was "not really benefitting anyone." Enter in three children from around the globe and one from the most beautiful man alive, and now things are peachy keen. Life is so grand, that the pair are already making plans on how best to enjoy it. Once they finish a few more projects, the two are "going to try to take a year off and just be with the kids." 

Jolie elaborates: "I think both of us only plan to work for a few
more years. We’ll try to just stop sooner or later, so we can be home
and travel, and just live."

Wow that sounds awesome, Brangie. I’m so
thrilled your lives have worked out in such a spectacular way. So what
if I can’t remember to feed my goldfish and haven’t left my house in a
year. You make millions and can retire by forty! Live the dream while
the rest of us suffer. Just do it out of our sight.

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