Charm School Extra Credit: Un-Happy Birthday Edition


This week’s batch of Charm School scenes that didn’t make the episode feature the girls’ favorite pastime: trash talking. The first is an extended cut of Larissa’s exit. She calls Mo’Nique out for not being classy ("I seen a picture of her on the red carpet with hairy legs. That’s not classy.") and has some choice words for Dean Keith, too ("Pee Wee Herman walkin’ around with his little d*** self"). After some heart-string tugging ("I worked my ass off to get where I am in this competition, and I feel like Mo’Nique’s not giving me credit for that"), she really lets it rip with a special birthday greeting for Mo. Larissa promised she’d go out with a bang and bang she did.

The second features Saaphyri reading New York like only Saaphyri can. She talks more smack about New York’s plastic surgery and general appearance ("Half RuPaul, half BeyoncĂ©!"). More impressively than her insults is her insight — she deems New York "a cartoon character that’s alive." Even better is Saaphyri’s explanation why New York does not get to her: "She hit me with all kinds of stuff…but since she’s such a character, it’s like, no problem. I got this." If all of the other girls adopted this attitude, there would have been a lot less trouble on both seasons of Flavor of Love. In the Flavor universe, Saaphyri’s attitude is akin to possessing the secret of joy.

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