Criss Angel Loves Cam(eras)


After ending a Hollywood courtship, stars tend to go for a nice, hot rebound. Find someone way sexier than your ex, make out in public a few times, and move on. Unless you’re our girl Cameron Diaz. After getting tossed by Timberlake, she’s been spotted with magician Criss Angel, who looks less like a Houdini-type and more like the lead singer of a nineties nu-metal band.

Now Angel is gettin’ all creepy, and it’s not just cuz he’s struck by love. Turns out he likes the magic of free publicity too. At his latest stunt – trapping himself in a clear, cement covered box – he declared, "This is dedicated to my new girl. You know who you are. I’ll be thinking of you."


But it only gets worse. After the box – which was suspended 40 feet in
the air – came crashing down, he appeared unscathed on some scaffolding
nearby. The illusionist’s first words to the gathered crowd (and
)? "I’d like to dedicate this escape to my girl ‘Trouble,’ a.k.a.
Cameron. I love you baby. Have a safe trip to Europe for your Shrek

It’s okay to vomit in your mouth after reading that. I did. Poor
Cameron. I mean, ‘Trouble.’ While she’s out working her butt off in
Europe, he mooched some free press off of their "love." She’s better
off sticking to girl time with Drew. And Angel should keep his
romantic ickiness to himself.

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