Prisoner Paris: Cold, Crying & Confused


She’s only been behind bars for a few days, but already Paris has had to face the taunts of fellow inmates, the confusing feat of making collect calls, and rampant  Staph infections. With so much drama going down, how is our peroxide princess going to last another 21 days!?

On Tuesday
the heiress was visited by the two most important men in her life: her lawyer and her shrink. Sources say Hilton, while friendly with inmates and staff, has been crying a lot and is "cracking under the pressure of prison." A lawyer for another inmate reported that she, "came out of her cell to make a phone call. She’s not used to making collect calls and she needed help. A sergeant had to help her."

You’d think one of her "people" would have introduced her to the ways of pay phones prior to her little vacation behind bars. No wonder she’s crying, she probably thinks it’s a giant Blackberry and wants to know why she doesn’t own it yet.

Reports have also surfaced that her new home, the Lynwood Correction Facility, has a major staph infection crisis, with over 400 inmates contracting the nasty skin illness last year. Yet even though they may be bacteria riddled, prisoners have been chanting Paris’ name while walking by her cell and presenting her with presents, like an origami butterfly. How sweet! Hopefully their kindness can keep her warm, as Hilton has also been complaining that her cell is freezing

Still, through all this hardship, the starlet is still getting special treatment like only she can. A maintenance worker at the prison confirmed that, "Paris didn’t have to go through the cavity search. When bent over, she didn’t have to cough. She didn’t have to spread ‘em."

She’ll save that for when she gets released.

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