Mariah Carey’s Face Is Weird



Mariah Carey hadn’t been photographed for almost four months until she attended last week’s Fresh Air Fund Salute To American Heroes gala in New York. Mariah reemerged from recording in Anguilla looking tired (island life is waaaay stressful!). But looking tired is an upgrade from the last time she was photographed, in February, when she just looked sort of…odd. But that was an improvement on the time before it (November ’06), when Mariah’s face looked like a creepy, strategic arrangement of pin cushions.


See, the thing about Mariah’s face is that it looks different every time you see it. If I had to take a guess as to why Mariah’s face sometimes looks normal (albeit full of cheekbones) and sometimes looks like marshmallows in a microwave, I’d chalk it up to Restalyne, the anti-aging injections that fight wrinkles and often result in swollen faces. Looks like Mariah’s due for another injection!

You can’t blame her for trying to fight age (she’s a product of youth-obsessed culture), but if at 37, she’s already altering her face, one thing is for certain: she’s going to be a crazy-looking old lady one day. Lindsay Lohan and I can’t wait!

More shots of Mariah’s sleepy face and bangin’ bod at the Fresh Air Fund gala are after the jump…





[All images: Getty]

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